Raid teams.

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Raid teams.

Post by Dirtnappin on Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:05 pm

Raid Teams

Progressive raiding is here for the guild. We are currently building a progressive raid team that is focused on completion of current content raids and achievements. This team is built goal orientated, and has limited room. It is not for the casual gamer, nor is it built for carries, with that in mind there will be strict rules and low tolerance. 

Raid Rules.

  1. No Pugs. This is a guild team only.
  2. Must be able to maintain 20k dps minimum, -tank -healers
  3. Absolutely NO pvp gear and item level must be over 680.
  4. Absolutely NO offspec gear.
  5. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge, and maneuverability to survive.
  6. Discord communication, or macro communications are mandatory.
  7. Must be ON TIME and ready before scheduled raid, we will start without you, and or replace you for that raid.
  8. Must prove basic understanding of each boss fight, yes you must do some research... 
  9. This group is not social hour, it is not comedy club. Keep your focus, and minimize spam. Both voice and text.
  10. If asked to use press to talk, (generally for loud background, or excessive talking) you must understand how to enable the feature.
  11. There will be a 5 minute break after each boss. if you are not back and ready after the 5 minute mark, you will be removed and replaced unless otherwise approved by raid leader.
  12. Raid leader is officer in charge, and their rules must be followed.
  13. Loot rolls will be set to personal. If you have a problem with personal loot, make a complaint to blizzard.
  14. Certain situations will arise, as is to be expected in life. The raid leader will act accordingly and follow what they believe is best.
  15. Gear must be enhanced and proper for your spec or role. No excuse for un enchanted or gemmed gear.
  16. If you equip pvp gear or offspec gear while in the raid, or unapproved gear you will be removed and disqualified for entire month. (4weeks)
  17. Repetitive breaking of the rules, will lead to be expelled from the raid group.

If you would like to join the hardcore raid group, you must have access to the forums. and post here.

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